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What’s wrong with this picture? April 2019

These are actual photographs from different inspections in our county. Can you see what the problems are?

1. This is pretty easy. Small spaces require us to be more mindful about where we set stuff down.

2. This was on a rolling rack in the walk-in cooler.

3. Stored chicken, cooked off this morning.

4. Breakfast line, waiting for an order. Anything not quite right?

5. This restaurant is preparing for a busy lunch. What do you see?


1. Spray bottle with chemicals hanging over food being prepared. This photo shows why chemicals should always be kept in one location, usually under the sink or another designated area below food, equipment, and to-go containers.

2. Raw meat muscle meat over ‘ready to eat’ fresh oysters. Both these food items are also on napkins used for customers. You are not allowed to use linen in this way for food.

3. “It felt cold’, I was told. This is a fairly common response. Always take a temperature reading when moving a cooked product on a sheet pan/in a shallow pan to a storage container.

4. Yep, that is a hand washing sink tucked in the back corner there, out of the way as to not get in anyone’s way. Wait, what? Yep, it happens. When your facility is approved to open by Multnomah County Health Department, it is approved with all the handwashing sinks in their original location, stocked with warm water, soap, paper towels and it must be accessible.

5. The yellow arrows show the many temperature controlled for safety (TCS) foods at room temperature. Cooked chicken on top on the rice cooker, and thawing foods on the floor and the shelf. If there was a time stamp on the chicken and a timing rule was in place with a written procedure, this would have been OK.

Stay mindful and safe folks!


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