Portland, Oregon is one of the hottest food scenes in the United States. Multnomah County boasts over 1000 food trucks, 3500 restaurants, and hundreds of temporary events throughout the year from farmers markets, to street fairs, and waterfront festivals.


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Chef’s Connection is information gathered through the work of our inspectors in the field everyday. The photos, the topics and the questions come from food service workers and facilities we encounter every day.


We want to share what we see with you because if we find something in one facility, it is likely in a dozen more. By posting monthly, we are keeping current with what is going on in professional kitchens and providing guidance on how to prepare the food you want, how you like it, and safely.



Elan Sandberg, M.S., REHS

Elan is the editor, primary blogger and a Registered Environmental Health Specialist. She is a past restaurateur with over 25 years in the professional food service industry. 


Cher Knight, REHS

Registered Environmental Health Specialist.

 Web designer and Chef's Connection content contributor. 


Ziggy von Kraftwerk

Assistant Webmaster