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Here in Multnomah County, we believe in supporting local businesses, and that includes the many amazing restaurants and food trucks that call our county home. From fine dining to casual eats, vegan and vegetarian options, to locally sourced and sustainable food, there is no shortage of incredible culinary experiences to be had.


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As part of our ongoing commitment to food safety, we present Chef’s Connection – a platform that provides food service workers with important information gathered from our experts working in the field daily. We provide everything from up-to-date regulations and requirements to inspection outcomes and food recalls. Our goal is to provide the necessary tools for food service workers and facilities to succeed and excel in food safety and sanitation practices.


We want to share what we see with you because if we find something in one facility, it is likely in a dozen more.  We keep current with what is going on in professional kitchens and provide guidance on how to prepare the food just the way you want it, safely. 

Publishing Team


Elan Sandberg, M.S., REHS3

Editor, primary content contributor, photographer, and a Registered Environmental Health Specialist. Her 25 years of experience in the food service industry enables easily relatable information for applying food safety best practices in your kitchen. .



Cher Knight, REHS2

Registered Environmental Health Specialist.

 Web designer and Chef's Connection content contributor. 



Ziggy von Kraftwerk

Assistant Webmaster

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