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What's wrong with this picture?

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

March 29, 2022

These are actual photographs from different inspections in our county. Can you see what the problems are?

1. ↓Yummy puff pastries with cooked tomatoes and soft cheese. Any rules regarding the holding temperature you can think of?

2. ↓ Why is this egg product out of temperature?

3. ↓ Cell phone and a food contact surface. 'Nuff said?

4. ↓ Fortunately a not toooo common sight at a coffee house... Any concerns?

5. ↓ That would be ready-to-eat salsa in the buckets.


Photo #1 - Cooked veggies, cooked meats and soft cheeses cooked into a pastry require a 4-hour time as a control agreement (with a written procedure on-hand) to ensure food safety when held at room temperature. Corrective action seen below.

Photo #2 - The insert is not properly placed in the refrigeration unit so it is virtually impossible to keep it at 41F or less.

Photo #3 - 'Nuff said.

Photo #4 - All of these coffee additives were out of temperature. They sit on the counter 'until we use them up'. You could keep these products at room temperature once opened using a time as control for public health agreement, and discard them after 4 hours. Or, you could refrigerate them after each use and put half and half in an insulated carafe.

Photo #5 - Improper separation of raw proteins. Raw eggs over ready to eat salsa - priority violation.


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