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What's wrong with this picture?

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

1. ↓ Table top can opener blade.

2. ↓ Handwashing sinks ... really? Yep, really ...

3. ↓ Hollandaise. What's missing?

4. ↓ That tricky duck confit...

5. ↓ An ice well at the bar. What's in the wrong spot?


1. Table top can opener blade - pretty easy one here. When organic debris builds up on the blade is can grow all sorts of pathogens on it. When you puncture the next can, this debris and pathogens can enter into the food you are opening.

2. Blocked handwashing sinks. This is a head scratcher as to we find so many blocked or not stocked handwashing sinks because we all know the best way to prevent food borne illnesses is through proper hand washing. Folks, let's please keep them stocked with soap, paper towel, warm water and accessible.

3. ↓ Just so there is no doubt as to what is missing on this hollandaise label. I know you all got this one, right? A time stamp that shows what time the hollandaise was made and what time it needs to be discarded. This would be 4 hours maximum.

4. The tricky part about confit is that the meat traditionally cools in the fat. Cooked thick pieces of meat are hard to cool submerged in hot fat. This is not an uncommon problem when removing the lid from a container marked 'duck (or chicken) confit'.

5. A bottle in an ice well is not as uncommon as you think. Maybe they are just too busy and shove it in the ice to keep it cold not realizing all the ice has been potentially contaminated and needs to be 'burned' (discarded). If you think about it, the barkeep has handled money, people's dirty glasses, potentially left the bottle sitting on the bar where people have rested their hands, etc.

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