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What's Wrong with this picture?

These are actual photographs from different inspections in our county. Can you see what the problems are?

1. ↓ This is the only handwashing sink in this mobile unit. Any thoughts about what you're seeing?

2. ↓ The spaces in these coolers are only because we pulled things out to have a better look. What do you see?

3. ↓ Take a closer look. What do you see?


1. This was a mobile unit that opened during the pandemic. The inspector found this inaccessible hand washing sink at the first statutory inspection. The owners had set up the garden hose (not food safe) to fill a huge stock pot each morning needed to prepare their menu. They were also cited for unsafe hose--not NSF/drinking-water safe hose.

They were washing their hands, but in the 3-compartment sink, rather than the handwashing sink. The owners corrected all the problems immediately.

2. These refrigeration units are 'over capacity'. This means there is too much food inside the refrigeration units and the airflow for proper functioning is blocked. All of these potentially hazardous foods were out of temperature.

The facility was in a difficult position because the pandemic has caused problems getting the food they need and getting daily deliveries. The result was too much food being delivered at one time.

This was corrected immediately. The walk-in unit used for the bar had room and many of the foods were transferred to this unit. Additionally, the owner was able to get daily deliveries again.

3. The is an unapproved drinking vessel with some chewed gum on the lid (saved for later) on the side board of a refrigeration unit. 'Nuff said?


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