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What's wrong with this picture?

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

These are actual photographs from different inspections in our county. Can you see what the problems are?

Here we have the seafood drawer with some nice looking salmon. Does anything jump out at you that might not be safe?

If you guessed the blue cloths under the salmon, you guessed right. Theses cloths are intended to be used in a sanitation bucket as the cloth rather than the traditional cloth towel.

What's the risk?

We don't know what exactly are in these types of cloths. It is intended to wipe down a surface that is different than the raw fish actually laying on top of it. If there are chemicals, they could soak into the salmon. This facility had no information on whether it was safe to use these cloths in this way.

The blue cloths were removed. The manager will be contacting the company to find out if these towels are safe to use in direct contact with food. I will update you when we find out.

If you are doing a similar practice, please stop until you can confirm they are safe to use this way.


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