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Doing it right. Butter, Temperature Log, and Proper Separation of Raw Proteins

Updated: Jan 22

1.↓ Here we have whole butter out for breakfast service. Whole butter is a time and/or temperature controlled for safety (TCS) food item. This facility is using time. It is in compliance with the time and date stamp.

2. ↓ Awesome hierarchy of raw proteins, ready-to-eat foods, and prepped vegetables. We have cooked chili rellenos next to cooked tamales. Below is sliced beef and chorizo next to sealed prepped raw veggies. It is OK to have raw proteins of different kill-step temperatures next to each other. Care must be taken so no cross-contamination occurs. This operator lifts out the sixth pan of raw meat out of the unit and portions the meat on to the grill, then returns the pan to the refrigerator. The risk is low with this process. The raw veggies are only stored in this cooler and moved to the hot line when needed.

2. ↓ Monitoring walk-in refrigerated temperatures and ensuring daily that all products are labeled and dated.


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