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Doing it right. Eliminate Pest Breeding Grounds, Ice Bath Cooling & Recordkeeping

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

When we see operators using a successful procedure or an awesome preventive approach we want to share it with the rest of the community. Take a look at this month’s finds.

1. As drain gnat season approaches (those pesky little flying critters), this facility is working to keep not only the drains themselves clean but they are using a circular brush to go down at least six inches to remove mold and food debris which equals a nice lunch for all sorts of pests. Check out more ideas for prevention here. Prevention is key rather than reacting to reducing/eliminating the population once established.

2. ↓Nice job here with a correct ice bath. The ice/water in the sink equal the height of the product inside, it is in a metal container which allows the cold the pass-through better than plastic would and there is a spoon in there to move things around.

3. Serving raw oysters requires all operators to follow strict protocols. This operator is following the code by dating the tags with the last day the oyster was in-house.

4. ↓ This facility is really doing it right. All milk and nut milk alternatives are dated with the open date as they are considered temperature control for safety (TCS) foods and have a 7-day shelf life.

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