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Doing it right.

When we see operators using a successful procedure or creative preventive approach we want to share it with the rest of the community. Take a look at this month’s finds.

1. ↓ Hollandaise sauce (egg yolks and butter held below 135F) with date and time stamp. These sauces, would be discarded at 1:00 pm if they were still around.

2. ↓ A coffee shop with no food is typically low risk. This facility is still following top-notch food safety protocols and keeping the spoons they stir coffee and milk together in an ice bath below 41F.

3. ↓ This is an excellent way to monitor the temperature of a refrigeration unit. Water is kept in a container 24/7. This is a very reliable way to check the unit's temperature rather than temping different items, put in the unit at various times during the day.

4. ↓ Another correct time as a control for public health practice in place with pancake batter and pooled raw eggs.

5. ↓ Proper cooling. This is the walk-in cooler of a commissary kitchen for a food truck properly cooling black beans in shallow pans.



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