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Doing it right. Cooling

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

When we see operators using a successful procedure or creative preventive approach we want to share it with the rest of the community. Take a look at this month’s finds.

1. This facility has an excellent cooling protocol in place. Here we have 2-inch hotel pans in the walk-in cooler. Slam-dunk … success!

2. These tools for breakfast service are used continuously. In order to do this safely, the tools used for TCS foods must be held in water that is 41F or less or 135F or greater. Great job y’all.

3. Hollandaise. This hollandaise is at room temperature so that it will not break. They are using the time as a control for public health protocol correctly. You can see the hollandaise was made (removed from temperature control) at 7:00 and will be discarded at 11:00.

4. Ah yes… the hot coffee with a straw. So nice to see it in action. This is an approved drinking vessel with a lid and straw. Thank you.

5. This facility is actively working on reducing their contribution to the plastic pollution problem They are testing out two new kinds of gloves. One is compostable and the other labeled biodegradable. Thanks for your efforts.



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