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Hot Holding and Thermometer Requirements

10/5/12 There is a new hot holding temperature, and it is 135°F. This is a five degree drop from the previous food code. The science has determined this to be a safe hot holding temperature that does not support the growth of pathogens.

The 2009 food code now requires a thermometer (AKA temperature measuring device) with a thin-tip if you are cooking thin products such as fish fillets, hamburgers or chicken breasts. The old style 'probe' thermometers are not accurate for measuring these thin foods. It is OK to still have these thermometers on-hand and can be good for measuring items such as roasts, or stews and soups.

The thin tipped thermometers are available online and in various restaurant supply houses in the area. These are now required to be on-site as of September 4, 2012.

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