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Adulterated Food Products - 3-601.12

Safe, Unadulterated, and Honestly Presented. Food shall be safe, unadulterated, and, as specified under § 3-601.12, honestly presented.

1. Housemade pickles were contaminated during or after the pickling process.

*Correction was to discard.

2. This photo was taken in a walk-in freezer that was leaking fluid from the condenser unit. What was in the liquid was unknown and could potentially contaminate the packaged meat.

*Correction was to discard.

3.↓ Sea scallops are typically packed in tubs and are often wet. In order to achieve the desired crispy edges when searing, a dry surface is necessary. This 'drying out' on sanitation towels, is a common practice in professional kitchens, although it goes against regulations. These cloths used for sanitation purposes should not come into direct contact with food. It is unknown what chemical residues may remain in these clothes after washing, which could potentially contaminate the food.

*Correction was to discard.


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