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Food Carts : Handwashing Requirements

Class I mobile units are the only units not required to have handwashing. Class I units can only sell prepackaged foods and cannot even dispense ice.

All other mobile units - Class II, III, IV, are required to have handwashing on board and integrated into their units.

• The water must be free-flowing

• It must be warm

• You must have soap and paper towels

Double handwashing is still required;

• Before starting work or when returning from a break

• After using the toilet and again when entering the work area

• After blowing nose, sneezing, coughing or touching eyes, nose or mouth

• Anytime hands come into contact with body fluids

• After smoking, or using tobacco products

• After eating or drinking

Since the ‘No bare hand contact with ready-serve food’ rule is not a rule, it is vitally important handwashing be the core of your safe food handling practices. We also encourage you to use tongs, spatulas, forks, spoons, deli papers or non-latex gloves whenever handling ready serve foods. This provides yet another barrier between your hands and the food.

The cleanliness of your cart and your personal hygiene are the advertisements for your food cart. Customers will watch how you cook if you wash your hands, and observe the overall cleanliness of your cart when deciding where to eat. This alone should be all the incentive you need to wash, wash, wash those hands, while singing the Happy Birthday song of course (which is the required 20 seconds usually)!


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