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Benefits and stress reduction when using a commissary kitchen.

There are a few words that sum up a food cart with a commissary, less stress!

When I bring this up with operators, I usually hear, “I can’t afford one.” And I get that. As a retired restaurateur, I know firsthand the expenses of operating. But there are some different ways to look at using a kitchen commissary for your food cart.

You have increased capacity to store more fresh and frozen foods. For example, you could buy larger amounts of ground beef, portion burgers, freeze them, wrap them and keep them at the commissary. You have possibly saved money by buying bulk, potentially eliminated the risk for cross-contamination, and reduced employee wages and prep time in the morning.

Properly cooling black beans on sheet pans in a commissary kitchen. So much space!

Having the right equipment to cook and cool your food safely is such a stress reducer! A commissary kitchen will provide you ample space to prep your food, cook it and cool it properly in a walk-in or blast chiller. As you know firsthand, the room in a food cart is minimal, and there is a more significant potential for cross-contamination.

At least think about it! First, jot down some notes for the pros and cons and then investigate the actual cost. Next, imagine the ease of swinging by the commissary for your safely prepared, ready-to-go food - no more shopping each day, no more hours of prep every morning. Sound sweet?

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