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Ankeny West Opens July 24th! Food carts displaced 2 years ago find a new home.

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Mahmoud, Mohamad, and Zaid Zeriek are ready to serve you up some delicious food at Ankeny West food cart pod at 2 SW Ankeny Street and SW Oak.

It's been over two years since the dozens of carts were forced out from one of the biggest food cart pods in downtown Portland at SW 10th and SW Alder Streets to make way for a hotel. Things got complicated with the pandemic, and cart owners struggled to find new locations. Many just had to park their cart, their livelihood, and wait for the pandemic storm to pass.

Last Friday, the carts began arriving at the new location. Mobile Food Truck Plans Examiner, Rhonda Robb, was on-hand yesterday to start the review process of reopening these carts. The energy of the food cart owners was electrifying as they realized it was "really happening"!

Young Kim couldn't be happier with their new location. Please stop by for some #1 Bento Korean BBQ!

There is a ribbon-cutting ceremony this Saturday, July 24th. Be sure to swing by and support these small businesses and enjoy some tasty food.

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