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Food Trucks - Water Heater and Pump - The Basics

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Fresh water, a grey water tank, a water pump, and a water heater are required for Class 2, 3, and 4 units. You need to be able to wash your hands and equipment according to the Oregon Food Sanitation Rules while operating a food truck.

Water Requirements

  • Water temperature for handwashing must be at least 100F.

  • Water temperature for the 3-compartment sink must be at minimum 110F.

  • A hot water heater and a water pump are required for Class 2, 3, and 4 mobile units.

  • Handwashing sink must have hot (100F) running water, soap, paper towels, and a wastebasket.

  • Food workers need to wash hands between changing tasks, after handling raw meats, and anytime hands may have been contaminated.

  • A double handwash is required whenever you enter the unit, after using the restroom, after smoking, and anytime your hands become contaminated with body fluids. A double handwash requires you to lather your hands with soap and warm water for approximately 20 seconds, rinse and repeat a second time, and dry your hands with a paper towel. In addition, a double handwash prevents the spread of diseases that workers might have even though they are not yet showing the symptoms.

This water heater has a 4 gallon capacity.

All sinks must provide water under pressure of at least 20 PSI for continuous water flow and may not use gravity as the means to create the pressure. Units licensed before February 1, 2020, are not required to meet this standard if hands can be effectively washed as required.

A 45psi to 55psi (pounds per square inch) pump is common for mobile food trucks. The pump moves water from the fresh water tank into the sink faucets.

For more information on operating a food truck, check out the links below.

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