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Who We Are

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

The idea behind ‘Who We Are’ is to shine a light on yourself and other food service workers in our county and to blur the lines between ‘us’ and ‘them’. We are a family of dedicated workers and I encourage you to celebrate our connections rather than focus on our differences. We are all an important part of the world-renowned culinary scene in Portland and it’s time we see Who We Are.

Please contact us at if you would like to be featured. Dare to see and be seen.


Type of food service: Japanese Restaurant

Originally from: Oaxaca

How you got here: I started cooking by accident 27 years ago. I started as a pastry chef in San Diego for did that for 5 years. I moved to Oregon and while eating out one night, I started talking to the owners of a Japanese restaurant in Beaverton. She found out I was a pastry chef and asked me if I wanted a job. I did pastries for them for 3 months before they moved me to the back of house cooking. I worked the fryer, grill and saute. I wanted to learn sushi and so they moved me to the front and I have been making sushi for 16 years now.

Biggest challenge with food code: To get the staff to follow the rules. I always have to talk to them. I want to get a 100 on my inspection.

Favorite thing about the business: As a sushi chef I am right in front of the customers and I like talking with them. I also enjoy making beautiful and delicious sushi for them.

Hours worked daily: 10

Favorite food: T-bone steak, medium.


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