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What's wrong with this picture? Mobile Food Units - May 2023

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

These are actual photographs from different inspections in our county. Can you see what the problems are?

1. ↓ This is a fresh water tank. Any concerns?

2. ↓ Is everything in its proper place?

3. ↓ This is an auxiliary wastewater storage cube with some concerns. Can you see the problem?

4. ↓ Freezer storage. Although a mobile unit, this would also be a concern if discovered in a brick and mortar. What are you seeing that is wrong?

5. ↓ Handwashing sink ... Stocked and accessible?



  • You can see the mold and organic debris build up in this fresh water tank. This is why a transparent tank is required. The potable freshwater) and waste water tanks must be cleaned at least every six months or as recommended by the manufacturer. Handouts for cleaning tanks will soon be available.

  • Until then, make a 50 - 200 PPM chlorine solution and open all faucets allowing the water to run until you see dark blue color on your chlorine test strip.

  • Close faucets and let water stand in the tank for six hours.

  • When the contact time is completed, drain the freshwater tank into the waste-water tank and wait 30 minutes.

  • Flush out the fresh water tank . Refill the freshwater tank using a food grade hose and flush the freshwater system.

2. Here we have raw eggs over ready to eat bamboo shoots(should also be removed from can), mushrooms and it looks like cooked potatoes.

3. In January of 2023, inspectors began enforcing the removal of these auxiliary waste water holding cubes rule that actually went into effect 2020. This is a prime example of why they are not allowed for long term use.

4. These photos show the risk of improper storage of raw proteins once the raw meats have been removed from the commercial packaging they were delivered in.

First photo: This first photo shows raw chicken in a non-food safe grocery bags (a violation) put into the freezer while juicy and pliable. The chicken could have easily dripped on the frozen vegetables below.

Second photo: More raw chicken over the ground meat in the container and again in a shopping bag. Shopping bags are not intended to be in direct contact with food.

Third photo: Here we have raw beef shoved into the very disorganized freezer siting directly on and above bags of ready to eat ice cubes.

5. The ol' handwashing sink completely inaccessible. Shall I sing it from the rooftops? The number one way to prevent foodborne illness is proper handwashing!


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