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What's wrong with this picture? June 2023

These are actual photographs from different inspections in our county. Can you see what the problems are?

1. ↓ Unpasteurized shell eggs over raw oysters is a violation?

2. ↓ This is a tougher one to catch....

3. ↓ An all too common discovery.

4. ↓ Two issues here.

5. ↓ This box contains breaded, cooked chicken. Any concerns?


1. Even though in-shell live oysters are raw proteins, they are considered ready-to-eat foods. Raw unpasteurized eggs require to be cooked at 145F for 15 seconds or more to kill any potential pathogens. The raw oyster were moved above the shell eggs.

2. Look at the image below and the areas circled. You will see behind the shelves the plumbing has been capped off and the hand washing sticker, previously next to the hand washing sink, off to the right. The hand washing sink was removed to allow space for storage. Hand washing sinks must remain in place as they were a part of the approval process. If you wish to remove a hand washing sink, please talk with your inspector.

3. Par-cooked meats and shellfish at room temperature without a time stamp.

4. The knife handle is a food contact surface and must be smooth and easily cleanable. Tape wrapped around a broken handle does not meet code. Second, it is stored between two sandwich refrigeration units, in a area that does not get cleaned regularly.

5. Cooked chicken is stored in the same box the raw chicken was stored in, potentially contaminating the cooked chicken with pathogens associated with raw chicken.


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