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Temporary Events - 'Capacity' Having enough of the right equipment for safe temperature control.

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Capacity refers to having enough equipment to keep cold food cold and hot food hot. TCS/PHF must be kept above 135F or below 41F at all times. This requires adequate hot holding and cold holding equipment.

This is a temperature abuse and a priority violation. This was be discarded if found at a temporary event.

Once the food is cooked, it must be kept hot and have a heat source. It can not sit out on the counter. You can use flat top grills, steam tables, hot plates, or other equipment that will keep the food 135F or above. If your food drops below 135F, you must reheat it to 165F or above or discard the food. You can not hot hold in non-heated cambros. Cooling is not allowed in temporary booths.

A thin tip thermometer must be provided. It should be able to range 0-180F, as seen in the photo.


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