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Quiz Show - Are salami and other 'cured' meats shelf-stable?

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

February 3, 2022

The term 'TCS' is often used to refer to food requiring temperature or time control for food safety. So let the games begin and test your knowledge.

Many cured meats require temperature control, and the 7 - day date marking applies. If the label states refrigerate after opening, it is not shelf-stable. Some labels may also read 'Keep Refrigerated' (TCS food) or 'Refrigerate for Quality Only' (shelf-stable).

If you're not convinced your product requires temperature control, you can contact the manufacturer for information verifying that it is not a TCS food. You need to follow the guidelines that it is a TCS food, until you have that documentation. If it is shelf-stable, they will have the lab reports they can share with you and, in turn, with your inspector.

This Spanish-style Chorizo Salami above and the Genoa Salame below clearly states 'Refrigerate after opening' and must be treated as a TCS food.

This is a shelf-stable product, clearly identified.

Although not as clearly conveyed, there is no 'Refrigerate After Opening' on the label.

Stated clearly to 'Refrigerate After Opening'. The seven day shelf life would apply once opened.


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mike remedios
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