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Q & A - Can we store raw meats next to each other?

Updated: May 12, 2023

I liked the article on the Fridge Tetris. I was wondering about storing raw meat with different cooking/kill step temperatures next to each other in the fridge.

A: Hi, yes this is a great question. The food code requires raw animal foods be separated from ready-to-eat foods. While the rules do not specifically require that the food be stored vertically, is preferable to store raw proteins vertically rather than horizontally. This decreases the risk of cross contamination.

Containers with secure sealing lids are the best option especially with horizonal storage followed by sealing with plastic wrap.

Below: Quail has the kill step temperature of 165F for 15 seconds or more while scallops have a kill step temperature of 145 for 15 seconds or more.


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