Q & A - Urban Farming and Sales to Restaurants

Q : Following up on today's post, unapproved sources, how does this apply to herbs/vegetable matter? work with several urban farmers and even grow some of my own specialty herbs. I know I'm not the only one, the urban farm thing is huge here. Are we all not following the rules?!

A : Homegrown produce (vegetables/fruit/herbs) is allowed to be used in restaurants in Oregon. The Department of Agriculture regulates produce at warehouses and stores but not at the site where the vegetables are grown. Any vegetables/produce can be sold directly from the grower/farm to a warehouse, store, or restaurant. You want to make sure it is from a reliable source. This would mean free from things like chemical, sewer and animal contamination. You want to know what type of fertilizers or pesticides are used, and how the produce is handled until it arrives at the food service facility.

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