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Quiz Show - TCS (temperature controlled for safety) or Shelf Stable? Cooked Rice Noodles

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

The term 'TCS' is often used to refer to food that either requires temperature or time control for food safety and 7 day date marking. So let the games begin and test your knowledge.

Cooked Rice noodles.


Yes, cooked rice noodles are a TCS food. Once the dried noodle has been cooked or reconstituted, it is similar to cooked rice itself. You certainly would not leave cooked rice out on the counter, right? The same thinking applies to the rice noodle. Most places put it on the four hour time as a control agreement because refrigerating it makes the noodle hard. This photo was actually from a citation. The operator was not keeping it cold nor have it time stamped.


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