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Updated: Mar 11, 2022


We will change direction in Quiz Show this month and look at an unusual food contact surface and if the process meeting code. I think you'll like it.

Below is a busy ramen house that uses a lot of the eggs on their ramen bowls. So the question for you is, can you use nylon fishing line as a knife (food contact surface) and is it safe to use all day long or until it gets dirty?

A: Yes, this is acceptable as long as you follow one of the protocols listed.

- It could be considered a single use item and would be discarded after each use.


- If you are using it continuously, like during a lunch rush, you could use it up to four hours. Since it is smooth, you could also wipe it with a sanitation cloth if it became dirty during that four hour time.

And yep, you need a timer or or another form of documentation to monitor the four hours! Y'all are getting so smart!


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