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Q & A - Self-Serve Yogurt Shop

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Hello, I was wondering if I could open my yogurt shop yet and what the rules rules? Thank you. Andrea

3/3/21 Hello Andrea, Thank you for the question. I know it can be confusing with things changing as Multnomah County risk level goes down. The short answer is yes! You can open your shop, currently under the 'high risk' level with a few conditions.

Your customers are allowed to serve themselves the yogurt but when it goes to adding those yummy condiments, you must have you or your employee add them. It is still not exactly how it used to be but one step closer.

Below are links to guidance documents to date. As you know these are updated frequently. I will continue to post changes as they happen as well.

Sector Guidance - Self-Serve Operations - Specific to requirements that involve self-service

To find your specific topic faster on any of the documents, remember this cool trick. You press the Control key and F key ("find") simultaneously and a box will appears at the top. Then type in your key word such as yogurt, and it will find and highlight it in the document.



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