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Q & A - Scam Phone Call Asking For Money

Multco Env Health asked:

I just got a random phone call. The number was blocked. He stated that someone filed a complaint about the restaurant that there was a piece of hair on the food. He also stated they want to make an appointment at 1 to inspect my restaurant. He demanded that I have to pay for the service charge of the complaint and report else he will shutdown my facility. Fishy. I asked for his name and the phone number, he has to remain confidential. Any idea? U heard of this before?

This was a message from a restaurant owner in our county. We wanted you all to know that if you receive a call that sounds like this, know that it is a scam to get money from you. You do not want to make an appointment or pay them any money.

If we receive a complaint for your facility, you would be contacted by your area inspector and they would identify them self as an employee of Multnomah County Environmental Health. If you have any questions please email



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