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Q & A - Risk levels and how do they work?

I am struggling to understand how the risk levels are decided and when I will hear about the potential changes. Can you help? James

Hi James,

I totally understand that this can be confusing. This is what I know.

The Oregon Health Authority will examine and publish county data weekly. County risk levels will be reassigned every two weeks. The first week's data will provide a "warning week" to prepare counties for potential risk level changes. The next assignment of risk levels will be announced January 26 and take effect January 29.

Updates to Warning Week data and county risk levels will be posted to

And of course a reminder for us all wanting to get back to business...

Until vaccines are widely available with high participation rates, the surest way to open our communities is to continue practicing the measures we know are effective in reducing the spread of COVID-19 — wear your mask, keep physical distance from others, avoid gatherings, wash your hands often, and stay home when you are sick.

This information came directly from the Governor's webpage.

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