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Q & A - Prosciutto - TCS Food or Shelf Stable?

Updated: May 31, 2020

Yes, typically Prosciutto (even from Italy!) requires both refrigeration at 41F or less and has a 7-day shelf life. Day one is the day it is opened. If you’re not sure you can contact the manufacturer for this info. Or, another clue is on the label itself. It will either say ‘Keep Refrigerated’ (TCS food) or ‘Refrigerate for Quality Only’ (shelf stable).

The label clearly reads 'Keep Refrigerated'. Therefore this product must be held at 41F or less and has a seven day shelf life once opened.

If you will not use all the prosciutto with in the seven days, you can break it down to smaller pieces and freeze it. Many facilities like to slice it frozen anyway as they can get a thinner, and easier to eat slice.

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