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Q & A - Plexi-Glass Dividers and Guards

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Hi, Can I use a plexi-glass divider if I don't have 6 feet required to social distance my customers?

3/3/21 Greetings - Yes, Plexi-glass dividers are acceptable during the 'high risk category' Multnomah county is currently in. Here is details from the the FAQ document.

Q5: Does the accommodation for plexiglass (acrylic), non-permeable material apply only to separation between booths, or may it be installed between tables or seats at a counter to allow for groups or individuals to be closer than six (6) feet apart?

A5: In extreme risk counties, barriers do not replace the physical distancing requirement for players at video lottery terminals (VLT). The guidance of installing plexiglass applies to all types of seating for on-site consumption of food and beverage and VLT use in high, moderate and lower risk counties.

The barrier must be non-permeable, easy to clean, and at least one (1) foot higher than head level for seated customers and at least three (3) feet wide or at least the width of the seat if wider than three (3) feet. Please note that physical barriers do not replace the requirement to wear a mask, face shield or face covering in accordance with the Statewide Mask, Face Covering, Face Shield Guidance. Businesses are required to follow the maximum capacity limits for the designated level of risk for the county where the business is located, and physical barriers do not change the maximum capacity limits listed in the Sector Risk Level Guidance Chart.

Customers are divided by barriers at the island.



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