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Q & A - Plastic tarps on grass? Temp. Events

Q - Why must there be tarps on grass below food service areas? We know we have to use them for our temporary event, but we're curious as to their role in food safety, especially as they present a trip hazard for servers and clients.

A - Covering grass allows for easy clean-up of food debris that may drop on the ground during food preparation and food vending. Cleaning up food debris from grass is not easy, and likely food debris will be left behind to attract pests (rodents, birds, and insects) to the area which presents a public health risk. On a similar note: we also require dirt surfaces to be covered to keep dust down. And yes, tarps do present a trip hazard; other materials may be used i.e. wood, as seen in photo to the left.

Sombra Forrest, R.S.

Lead Environmental Health Specialist

Temporary Restaurant Program



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