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Q & A - Handling Money and Washing Hands

Q - I have a question for you. I went to the food truck to order a bing mi. The time I came, it had one person operation. This person handled money and food at the same time. I just thought it not acceptable for any hygiene level. What's the requirement for the health department?

A - The Oregon Food Sanitation Rules state that food service workers need to wash their hands when changing tasks. So taking money and then making a sandwich (changing a task) without washing your hands would not be acceptable. Now, it is OK to take money and then handle your wrapped and ready to go sandwich.

Cafes often have one person working the register and grabbing pastries with tongs or a wax paper sheet consequently not touching the ready serve food directly with their hands.

My recommendation would be for you to ask the food cart owner to wash their hands before making your sandwich. It can be much more meaningful coming from their paying customers. Thanks for the questions. Keep ‘um coming.

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