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Q & A - Do I have to provide a bathroom because I have tables outside to wait for your take food?

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

So glad you asked this question! There is some confusion about when a restroom is required.

Here is the lowdown:

You need to provide a restroom for your guests if -

  • You are offering table service outside. That would be a server, waiting on a table, food coming out of plates, etc.

You do not need to provide a restroom for your guests if -

  • All your food is packaged to-go.

  • If your tables are intended to give guests a place to wait for their food. If they decide to eat in this area, which is fine by you, it does not turn into a table service area.

Some facilities have offered a porta-potty as a convivence for guests, but this is not a requirement. Please ask more questions if this doesn't address your specific situation.

Below is a photo from a downtown PDX location. This owner has set up a nice place to sit whether waiting for your food or if you want to eat there. All food is packed in to-go boxes and sealed bags. If the guest wants to eat here, that's great. A restroom is still not required with a set-up like this.



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