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Q & A - Can we use Kava at my juice bar?

Q - I have a fresh juice and smoothie bar. We are having requests for Kava. Can we use this in our smoothies or not? I am hearing different things.

A - Hi, Thanks for asking before you invested too much in this product. The kava root comes from the Pacific Islands, where people use it for medicinal and social purposes. Unfortunately, you cannot add it to food however, Kava may be served on its own in hot water (referred to as Kavatea). As Kavatea, the Kava is its own food and not an additive. Otherwise, FDA Food Code does not allow Kava to be added to food produced in processing plants, retail or food service facilities. Kava (or piper methysticum) is not ‘generally recognized as safe’ (GRAS), in 21CFR 184; and is not an approved food additive.

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