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Outdoor Dining - 'Pods' and 50% Open Sides

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Updated 2.8.21

The State of Oregon has new guidelines for restaurants as of 1.29.21. Here's is the Sector Guidance document. Multnomah County is still in the “Extreme Risk” category, so the guidelines for restaurants are:

  • Takeout highly recommended, but some outdoor dining is allowed.

  • As of 1.29.21 - The governor has removed a wall, allowing 50% open for airflow. The walls can not be adjacent (90 degree angle) but running parallel to each other.

  • 11 pm close

  • Maximum of 6 people per table, limit 2 households.

  • Dining Pod Seating: Limit 1 household, four (4) people maximum per pod

  • Maximum capacity for Multnomah County is 5 people outdoors. Sector Risk Level Guidance Chart

  • Link to signs you can post

You can be subject to fines or closure if you do not comply with the Governor's directives.

Yes, this is a pod. See Sector Guidance for complete list of conditions that must be met to be compliance.

Yep. This tent is 75% open, backing up against a completely enclosed outdoor seating area behind it.

Nope. 100% closed

Yep. 75% open.

Nope. 100% closed.

1 of 2. Yep. 50% of walls open.

2 of 2. Kind of cool!

1 of 2. No. These structures are closed at least 75% and they are allowing back to back booth seating. The back to back seating is not allowed until Phase 2. This operator was contacted.

2 of 2. Nope.

Yep. 75% open.

1 of 3. Nope.

2 of 3. Nope.

3 of 3. No.

Success below!

1 of 3. Yes!!

2 of 3. Yes!!

3 of 3. Yes!! 75% open. Customers were having a blast and all bundled up. It can work!

Nope. 85% closed walls.

1 of 3. Nope.

2 of 3. 75% closed walls.

3 of 3. 75% closed walls.

For additional information please check the county's page.

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