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Q & A - Herb Infused Oils - Shelf Stable or TCS food?

Updated: May 31, 2020

Q: I was wondering in it's OK to leave house-made herb oils out or do they need to be refrigerated. We are making infused oils with fresh rosemary.

A : Here’s the rundown in regard to seasoned/infused oils:

* Raw, roasted, dehydrated or powdered garlic remaining in oil - Temperature controlled for safety (TCS). Hold at 41F or less with a 7-day shelf life.

* Garlic oil - If garlic removed/strained out, oil clear, no particles, no longer a TCS food. OK to hold at room temperature, no defined shelf life for food safety.

* Fresh herbs/vegetable stored in oil - TCS

* Fresh herbs removed/strained from oil - Non-TCS

* Dried/powdered herbs (except garlic) in oil - Non-TCS

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