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Q & A - Lab Testing for Shelf Stability - BBQ Sauce

Updated: May 31, 2020

I have a BBQ sauce I make in-house. I want to keep it on the tables. My inspector told me that until I get a lab test stating it is safe at room temperature I need to keep it in the reach-in. Can you tell me what labs can do the testing that is required? Thanks.


Thanks for the question. Below are labs that are approved/accepted by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA). That is not to say there are no other labs they would accept results from but it is wise to check with OHA first. You also want to find out what you are testing for such as the pH or water activity level. Your inspector can help you with this. 

*Columbia Food Labs, Corbett Oregon 

*OMIC USA, Portland Oregon 

*Exova, Portland, Oregon 

*Food Quality Analysts, Portland, OR 

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