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Employee Health Screening

Many facilities are finding comfort in taking the temperatures of their employees before they start work. The manager at this facility logs in the date, employee name and temperature reading. This would also be helpful if an employee tested positive for the coronavirus because you could easily find out who else was working that night to stop the spread.

Although an employee health screening is not required at this time, many owners just feel better having something in place. Some facilities have a list of questions you must answer on a phone app (!) prior to starting work that goes straight to corporate when completed.

↓ Some places have a form that they ask employees about the common symptoms.

And other places just ask their employees questions regarding COVID symptoms and making sure their activities outside of work and in compliance with the current rules like social distancing, staying close to home, mask wearing and asking if anyone they have been in contact with has tested positive for COVID.

Starting a employee health screen totally ups your game and decreases the spread!

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