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Quiz Show - TCS (temperature controlled for safety) or Shelf Stable? - Duck Confit

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

The term 'TCS' is often used to refer to food that either requires temperature or time control for food safety and 7 day date marking. So let the games begin and test your knowledge.

Duck confit is raw duck, usually the duck's leg, traditionally cooled in the fat it was cooked in.

By treating this is the 'traditional' way, of letting in cool in the fat it was cooked in, the facility had to discard it. This duck confit was prepared the day before and left, in this 6 inch deep hotel pan, in the walk-in cooler overnight. 12 hours later, it was still not 41F or less.

Proper cooling parameters are 135F - 70F in 2 hours and 70F - 41F in an additional 4 hours.

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