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Q & A - Can I have a booth out front of our cafe?

Updated: May 31, 2020

I own a restaurant and want to set-up a booth in front of it, at our street fair in August. Do I need a special license or is my yearly license good enough?

Hi, I’m so glad you asked before the event! 

Yes, you will need an additional ‘temporary license’ to set up a working booth in front. It needs to be set-up with all the goods - thermometers, proper hand washing station, sanitation buckets and effective cold holding if you’re storing potentially hazardous foods. Check the link below for complete list of requirements. We also have videos (go to our video tab) for your viewing (English and Spanish) of how to properly set-up a temporary booth correct.

This additional license is required because you are basically setting up a whole new food service area. Most times we find there are many things not up to code which is why a full inspection must be required to ensure food safety for the citizens of Multnomah County.

An application for a temporary restaurant should be received in our office no later than two weeks before the event. You can also download the Single Event Temporary Restaurant License Application and Operator Requirements.  



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